Whom do we teach?

The course is taught to Chinese teachers who teach English in primary and secondary schools as well as to math, science, music, and kindergarten teachers. These teachers usually have adequate language skills but few chances to use them outside of the classroom. The training provides meaningful listening and speaking opportunities as well as information about Western culture and teaching methodology.

What does “Teach In Jiangsu” provide?

We provide participants with a unique professional growth and travel opportunity. We provide an experienced leadership team. Echo Ying has coordinated the summer program since 2003 and liaises with the team and the Jiangsu Education Bureau. Catherine Fraser has participated in the program since 2016 and will be the academic team leader for 2020.
We provide comprehensive workshops to prepare participants for the work, the culture, and the trip.
We provide a curriculum guide (supplied by JESIE) and additional resources that have been developed and refined by previous participants to meet the needs of Chinese teachers.

What does the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education (JPDE) provide?

The Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education (JPDE) provides an ESL curriculum guide to participating teachers prior to arrival in China so that lesson preparation time is reduced. It can be adapted to suit various teaching styles, resources, and preferences. JESIE is currently in the process of developing sample lesson plans for other subjects.

The Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education provides ground transportation in Jiangsu, meals, and accommodation (air-conditioned single rooms with Western-style bathrooms) and local sightseeing opportunities. Typically groups of two to four teachers go to each teaching site.

The Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education provides a 7,000 RMB cash stipend, paid after arrival in Nanjing, for teaching a two-week course and 14,000 RMB for teaching for four weeks.

What is a typical teaching experience?

Typically participants arrive in Nanjing or Shanghai by plane, are picked up at the airport, and are taken to Nanjing by chartered bus two to three days before the teaching commences. After a two-day welcoming conference, participants will be taken to their host city to begin teaching. Participating teachers will teach about five hours per day for ten days (Monday to Friday) over two weeks in July. There is an option to repeat the course at a different site for an additional two weeks.

On Saturday of the second weekend, those teaching for two weeks only will be taken to the airport to return home or be given a train ticket to Nanjing or Shanghai if they wish to start independent or group travel within China. Those staying to teach the second session will return to Nanjing and move to the second site on Sunday. The second course will run from Monday to Friday over the next two weeks. Those teaching the course twice will return to Nanjing or Shanghai on the Saturday of the last weekend to return home or start independent or group travel within China.

What do participants have to provide?

All participants pay for their transportation to and from China and any private travel. Each participant must have a valid passport and a visa. Participants will require their own medical and travel insurance and may also need vaccinations.

What documents do I need to apply?

1. A photocopy of the personal page of your valid passport

2. Your resume or CV

3. A photocopy or scan of your travel and medical insurance

4. A copy of your university or college diploma

5. Emergency contact information

Medical considerations:

1. Discuss your suitability to work and travel in temperatures consistently over 30 degrees Celsius (85 degrees Fahrenheit)

2. Be sure to bring all required prescription medications for pre-existing illnesses

3. Get any travel vaccinations your doctor recommends

4. Consider bringing a replacement pair of prescription glasses or a prescription from your eye doctor

5. You may want to get a dental checkup prior to departure.

What are the dates for 2020?

• February 15: Applications finalized
• April: Workshop 1
• May: Workshop 2
• June: Workshop 3 – visa application documents finalised
• July: Teach in China

What visa do I need?

• All foreigners need a visa to travel to China.
• You will apply for a Cultural Exchange visa (F visa), which requires a special invitation letter with a bar code issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Education Bureau. The Bureau will also upload your information and its invitation into an online visa database that can be accessed by Chinese embassies and consulates.
• A tourist visa (L visa) is invalid for this program.
• Applying for a visa always takes time and requires much information. You will need to have on hand a valid passport good for another six to nine months, a recent passport-size photo, your invitation from Jiangsu Education Services, and many other documents that depend on the country where you are (and sometimes even the consular district). Please check the website of your Chinese consulate for details on the application procedure. In many areas, you are now required to take your application to the consulate in person or use a visa agent.

Who is accepted for the project?

JESIE is looking for educators who are 65 or younger (age is negotiable in special circumstances), are qualified to teach English and other subjects, and are currently teaching full or part time. We want people who are flexible and open in their outlook, friendly, able to work with others, and willing to cope with the unfamiliar. We also want participants to be sober, mature, and professional. Previous travel experience beyond Western countries into Asia is an asset.

I am a new teacher. Can I apply?

This is an excellent professional development opportunity for teachers with a minimum of 2 years of teaching experience. This project gives you insight into the challenges that learners experience.

Should I request 2 or 4 weeks?

The program is intense and tiring; the two-week session is usually long enough. At the end of the two weeks, you will be exhausted. Besides, there are mostly 2-week placements available each year with only a few four-week assignments.

My friend and I want to go together. Can we be in the same group?

Friends can teach at the same site, but there is no guarantee.

Can I bring my spouse and children so they can experience China, too?

Only qualified educators can participate in the project. Family members can join you in China before or after your teaching session for sightseeing and travel.

I am not sure yet. Whom can I talk to?

We can put you in touch with previous participants who would be willing to talk to you about their experiences.

How much will it cost?

Participants can expect to pay about:
• AUS$ or US$ 1,000+ for airfare
• AUS$90+ or US$230+ for visa and visa agent
• Travel and medical insurance will vary between insurance agencies and individuals.
• A passport that does not expire before 2021 and has a minimum of 2 adjacent pages for the Chinese F visa.
• Vaccinations and medications as required.
• $50 for purchase of small gifts from for participants and local guides/assistants as well as your teaching resources.

I do not speak Chinese. How will I manage?

No Chinese language skills are required. However, basic Chinese expressions might be helpful. Check out the many websites and YouTube videos that teach beginning Chinese.
All lessons are conducted in English, and your students will be adequate English speakers. An English-speaking assistant is provided to assist you in class and to help you navigate the city where you will be teaching.

I still have questions. Where can I get answers?

Go to the Contact Us page and send us an email message.

I want to be considered for the program. How do I apply?

Go to the Home page and click on the Get Started button.

How to Apply

We require an application written in plain, simple English as department staff in China will read it.

  1. Resume/CV – Bullet points only: Qualifications, your subject teaching experiences, and any other relevant experiences such as living and teaching in other countries.
  2. Recent headshot of you.
  3. Copy of your local ID or driver’s license or of the personal information page from your passport.
  4. Copy of your university or college diploma. (Copy of your teaching certificate or TEFL/TESL/TESOL Certificate may also be required.)

Please send your application to info@teachinjiangsu.org