Dates and Deadlines 2020

• February: Applications finalized
• April: Workshop 1
• May: Workshop 2
• June: Workshop 3
• July: Teach in China

Qualifications and Experience

  1. Native English speakers
  2. Bachelor’s degree or above
  3. Degree in education (early childhood, elementary, secondary, adult), English, TESOL, literature, mathematics, linguistics, arts (especially music), or science
  4. Certified teachers are preferred, but others are also invited to apply
  5. Graduate students are welcome to apply as well
  6. Two years’ teaching experience is preferred
  7. Enthusiastic attitude and good communication skills
  8. Prepared for cultural differences

JESIE requires teachers who are 65 years and under (age is negotiable in certain cases) who are actively teaching English or other subjects. Elementary and secondary teachers are preferred, but other teaching experience will be taken into consideration such as university or college teaching and teaching adults in the community. ESL qualifications are an asset. Please note: Non-teaching spouses and children may not participate in the program.

Documents required

You will need to send the following documents with your program application:

  1. Resume or CV
  2. Copy of the personal page of your passport
  3. Copy of your medical and travel insurance
  4. Copy of your university or college diploma and/or teaching certificate
  5. Recent headshot photo of you
  6. Emergency contact information

Preparation to Teach in China

It is recommended that you attend the preparation workshops (April, May & June – online through Skype)

  1. Orientation, cross-cultural etiquette and competencies, and teaching in China. Information about booking flights to China, documentation requirements, medical insurance.
  2. Preparation and exchange of teaching resources.
  3. Final briefing: Dates, teaching locations, travel arrangements, visa finalization, and any concerns or questions.


Write your application in plain, simple English as department staff in China will read it.

  1. Resume/CV – Bullet points only: Qualifications, your English language teaching experience, and any other relevant experiences such as living and teaching in other countries.
  2. Copy of your identification page in your passport
  3. A recent headshot photograph
  4. A copy of your university or college diploma
  5. Proof of medical and/or travel insurance
  6. Emergency contact information

Please send your application to or